Thursday, 20 October 2016

MONEY FOR OLD ROPE ... Murdering police officers? #amwriting

Well I was only thinking the other day, why don't I write a blog and then it struck me!

 I already did !!

Two years have flown by and I'm still working 'there' but with retirement fast approaching I'm lurching along hoping I reach that mile stone before I crash and burn!

I sated my need to write over the last two years by writing a novel. A crime murder/mystery.

The main character a Detective Sergeant has anxiety and depression... mmm... who could that be based on?! Set in a PSD department of a small force it takes the readers on a fast paced, excitement packed journey of discovery uncovering corruption and evil as it goes.

 MONEY FOR OLD ROPE is what the trade describe a police procedural.
My book opens with the murder of a member of the public who has filed a complaint against a senior police officer alleging they were in an inappropriate relationship together.
The victim, Melanie Adams is then found hanged in her opulent flat just before she was due to provide crucial evidence in this misconduct investigation to Detective Sergeant Sarah James of the local Wessex Police.
Sarah James a seasoned detective, single mother and depression sufferer is the investigating police officer from the Professional Standards Department. A high functioning anxiety sufferer she risks life and limb to seek out the police corruption she senses and detect Melanie’s murder despite some fierce opposition from within the force. 
The murderer’s identity is withheld from the reader until the conclusion.
Is there a murdering police officer loose? 
Will DS James survive to find out?
Why was the unemployed murder victim living in such a privileged circumstances?
Ha - I am hoping that one day I might get it published. But best of all is that I have immortalised some of my struggles with anxiety and depression during my career within the police service albeit behind the protective guise of fiction. That way one day my daughter can perhaps better understand 'me'  and why things are they way they are.
Why I find social events difficult, why I sit trying to relax yet often find myself fighting an overwhelming panic for no apparent reason. Just why I am the way I am....
More soon.... publishers contact me ... pretty please!!
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